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Riley Price

Riley Price is so full of life and energy. When I got his email with a bunch of his pics I was so impressed with his all American boy-next-door looks, coupled with his college jock body and that fratboy look of mischief in his eye. He looked like a lot of fun. He's also so damned sexy that you start considering running marathon naked. On top of all this he's got an impressive dick. Long and thin, with a perfect little mushroom head. It's a good thing Riley is athletic because running his hands up and down the enormous length of his rod is like an upper body workout. He likes running which is evident in his gorgeous legs. Just the right amount of muscle without being overly bulky. And that ass is quite a handful. One thing I like about Riley, he has just the right amount of cockiness without being obnoxious. He has a great body and knows you like looking at it, so he'll rub his ass, pulling his cheeks apart just enough to give you a glimpse, then flip around and give you a good look at that cock you know you wish you could wrap your lips around. His cheeks flush, a light sheen of sweat forms on his body.


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